About Us

About Us

Uki Foods Technology Company was founded in year 2002, as dealer an import and sale of machinery for the production of food, bakery item.Since process forming, cooking and packaging. With modern technology and meet the needs of small businesses (SME) to large business enterprises in many industries. Both domestic and foreign. Which will has machinery in the bakery industry.Various types of bread and cakes forming (Mooncake), bread, buns, cake, Daifuku, cookies and cakes, and so on.

Uki Foods Technology Co.,Ltd is the located in the making bakery with over 10 years experience, the company has a team of professionals in the design process is automatic and semi-automatic. Which will focus on product quality. And after-sales service is fast, so get a good response from customers, so companies Uki Foods Technology Co.,Ltd. has become the company’s top of Thailand the famous and the potential.

Moreover, Uki Foods Technology Company has opened its branches in Taiwan,Burma and Malaysia, the company has a policy of promoting services.Repair, maintenance and other customers as well. Throughout the period,the company is engaged in providing services and after-sales service in the restaurant industry. And bakery industry for so long. We have received great support continued service user at all times to the present.

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