Chinese pastry and Buns

Chinese pastry and Buns
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    • Automatic Encrusting Machine

      Automatic Encrusting Machine has been designed to specialize in the manufacture of Bakery, Confectionery, Savory food, Frozen Food, Prepared Food, and Snack Food Products, and will work with a variety of food materials from soft to sticky and can be fitted with attachments for secondary molding.  

    • Multifunction Automatic Encrusting Machine

      Multifunction Automatic Encrusting Machine Automatic Double Filling Encrusting Machine 3 in 1 High speed automatic steamed bun making machine with factory price is automatic steamed stuffed bun/ meat bun/ rolls production line. food industry. Specification: Machine Material: 304 Stainless Steel Meat bun 1000-6000pcs/hour. Efficiency pressure dough makes the character of the dough will not damage, retaining the characteristics of manual, product weight error is small, specifications, size, length can be adjusted to set, plus a set of roll and increase capacity by add filling machine.

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